Pooja tickets can be booked a day in advance at the temple counter. online booking is not avaliable for this pooja tickets. pooja will be performed for a family. Any decent outfit will be allowed.Kethu peyarchi will be celebrated once in 1 year 6 months,which is celebrated to mark the star transition.

S.NO Pooja Name Timings Pooja Cost
1. Vrusha Kaala 06.00 a.m 2000
2. Kaala Sandhi 08.00 a.m 2000
3. Uchi Kaalam 12.00 p.m 2000
4. Saaya Ratchai 05.30 p.m 2000
5. Renu Kaala 07.00 p.m 200
6. Arthajaamam 08.00 p.m 2000

Ushaad Kaalam

In popular Hinduism, durga is often represented as a destructive aspect of Brahman and entitled 'The Destroyer.' This is merely one attribute, as there are many different groups and sects who hold durga, or any of his different forms and associated Deities, as the Supreme Being and titles onto her.

Kaala Santhi

Each service consists of abhishekam,offering of food and alankaram. In the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok (Thailand), the Buddha’s robes are changed thrice a year, in keeping with the hot, cold and wet seasons. The deity is decorated and dressed as Prince, hunter, lad and ascetic.

Uchi Kaalam

Puja varies according to the school of Hinduism. Puja may vary by region, occasion, deity honored, and steps followed. In formal Nigama ceremonies, a fire may be lit in honour of deity Agni, without an idol or image present. In contrast, in Agama ceremonies, an idol or icon or image of deity is present.

Saaya Ratchai

The request of devotees these alankarams are also done during specified intervals on payment of prescribed charges. The artistry with which the gurukkals do the alankarams and the swiftness with which they present the deity in one alankaram after another deserve praise.